36" Full Roller & 12" #1 Mini Band
36" Full Roller & 12" #1 Mini Band

36" Full Roller & 12" #1 Mini Band


Brand : Serious Steel Fitness

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  • High-density foam roller with molded edges
  • Ideal for balance, strengthening, flexibility, and rehab exercises
  • Made from molded polypropylene to maintain firmness
  • Lightweight, easy to clean and transport
  • Measures approximately 36x6x6 inches
  • Maintains shape after moderate to heavy use and is perfect for all body types

The Serious Steel Fitness 12" Mini Bands are ideal for powerlifting. Because the bands are 12", they do not need to be doubled or quaded over band pegs to create the needed tension. Serious Steel 12" Mini bands are ideal for banded deadlifts, bench, agility work as well as rehab. Additionally, 12" mini bands can be used as hip and glute activation bands for dynamic warm-ups. Serious Steel Mini bands have the same tension ratings as the 41" version - just smaller.

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