Spud Inc Super Heavy Wrist Wraps
Spud Inc Super Heavy Wrist Wraps

Spud Inc Super Heavy Wrist Wraps


Brand : Spud Inc.

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Not your everyday wrist wrap. Very heavy duty cotton. Please be advised this is more of a competition wrist wrap or for extremely heavy lifting.

Compare the Spud Inc. Super Heavy Wrist Wrap to the ones from the other major powerlifting suppliers and you get the same quality that you expect from Spud Inc. at a fraction of the price.

This wrap is no joke. It is the heaviest wrap we sell and is not for beginners!

The Spud Inc. Super Heavy Black Wrist Wrap is a great choice for the experienced lifter who needs the maximum support that you can get from a wrap.

It is made from extra thick, heavy duty material that will lock your wrist in place and keep it there. This wrap is a step up in thickness, strength and support and it shows.

The Spud Inc. Heavy Yellow Wrist Wrap features a sewn on thumb loop that is extra-long to make it easy to get off once you are wrapped and ready to go. They also feature heavy duty Velcro with extra stitching to ensure they stay in one piece. If you are a huge bencher or train HEAVY, this wrap is for you! The Super Heavy comes in both a 60 cm and an 80 cm.

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