Physical Therapy Exercise Bands - 4" x 25 Yards

Pink (XX-Light - 4.2 lbs) $35.90
Yellow (X-Light - 4.9 lbs) $37.90
Green (Light - 5.5 lbs) $40.90
Red (Medium - 6.9 lbs) $42.90
Blue (Heavy - 7.7 lbs) $44.90
Black (X-Heavy - 8.2 lbs) $52.90
Gray (XX-Heavy - 10.2 lbs) $54.90
Orange (XXX - Heavy - 11.1 lbs) $56.90
The Serious Steel Fitness Flat Elastic Resistance Bands help improve flexibility, range of motion and strength. These bands are ideal for personal trainers, rehabilitation, or those who are new to resistance bands training.

Physical Therapy Bands: A Safe Way To Exercise

Build strength safely with our multiple levels of band tensions.

Multiple Tensions For Every User

Designed specifically to offer a range of tension levels to aid everyone from complete beginners, to those who are rehabbing injuries, to experienced fitness enthusiasts.

  1. XX-Light (Pink): 4.2 lb.
  2. X-Light (Yellow): 4.9 lb.
  3. Light (Green): 5.5 lb.
  4. Medium (Red): 6.9 lb.
  5. Heavy (Blue): 7.7 lb.
  6. X-Heavy (Black): 8.2 lb.
  7. XX-Heavy (Gray): 10.2 lb. (25yrd Roll only)
  8. XXX-Heavy (Orange): 11.1 lb. (25yrd Roll only)

Non-Latex Synthetic Rubber

Our Physical Therapy Resistance Bands are non-latex and are made with a synthetic rubber blend. Ideal for facilities with a no latex policy, and users with latex sensitivities.

Please note that these bands are stored in a warehouse with other items that contain latex.

Two Lengths Available

Choose between our pre-trimmed 5ft bands or consider our 25yrd rolls, which allow you to cut the bands to fit your specific needs.

Physical Therapists love the longer length rolls as they can custom each band length to their specific patient.

Gym goers love the 5ft bands for their grab and go convenience.

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