Chaleco de peso

$99.00 $139.90

Agregue un nivel adicional de intensidad a su entrenamiento agregando un chaleco con pesas.

  • Material:Nailon de 500 deniers.
  • Acolchado cómodo:Tirantes acolchados e interior.
  • Tiras adhesivas:Para personalización de parches
  • Ajuste ajustable:Correas ajustables para hombros y laterales con hebillas metálicas seguras
  • 2 bolsas de arena rellenables:Arena NO incluida

Talla única con correas ajustables para los hombros y los laterales.

Agregue un nivel adicional de intensidad a su entrenamiento agregando un chaleco con pesas. La bolsa de arena rellenable le permite ajustar el peso a su uso específico. Los chalecos con pesas se pueden utilizar en entrenamiento de fuerza, entrenamiento cruzado, WOD e incluso simplemente para caminar o hacer ejercicio. Este chaleco se puede personalizar para satisfacer sus necesidades y es lo suficientemente resistente como para durar años.

  • Se incluyen dos (2) bolsas de arena rellenables: agregue arena a las bolsas de peso incluidas para obtener la cantidad justa de peso adicional que está buscando.
  • Llenamos nuestras bolsas con "arena de juego" de Lowes y obtuvimos aproximadamente 7 libras. por bolsa (14 libras en total).
  • ¡Con correas laterales y de hombro ajustables, el chaleco con pesas se puede ajustar para adaptarse a la mayoría de los atletas!


Customer Reviews

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City of Salem
Head Football Coach Salem High School

These vests are made with military grade material and are extremely well built. We had an outstandinding workout with them yesterday. We were able to change in and out of them multiple times with no lost time. I highly recommend. GO SALEM


This is serious, really so real

Great Weight Vest, Great Value

I love the vest. It is well constructed and perfect for adding that extra weight for
bodyweight exercises, running, or rucking. The shoulder and side straps are easy to adjust to get a good fit and the vest is comfortable.

I filled the included pouches with play sand which was pretty easy by hand, but if I were to do it again I would recommend using a funnel with a long spout to easily and evenly get sand in each separated section of the pouch. After filling the pouches and inserting them in the vest I weighed it with a luggage scale and it weighed 19.2 lbs.

Overall, I would highly recommend this vest as I think it is a great product and has great value over other vests on the market.

Weight vest

I needed an adjustable vest for Abbott Veterans Network (Virtual)
RUCK “BATAAN” March. This is a fundraiser that requires a 20lb vest.
This vest is well-designed, durable, and above all, comfortable.
I was able to fill the pouches with sand and then add a 10lb weight plate as
I wanted to do the extra weight. (25lb)
Very comfortable during my first 5-mile ruck. Only 60 miles to go!!
All proceeds go to Honor Flight Columbus. #hfc