Resistance Band Collar Hooks


Fits on any 2" Barbell. Collar hooks allow anyone to safely and easily apply bands to their barbell. Engineered, manufactured, and hand-finished in the USA.



Fits Olympic Bar Sleeves (2")

The Resistance Band Collar Hooks are a versatile training tool ideal for the gym or home fitness. Engineered, manufactured, and hand-finished in the USA.

The beauty of the Resistance Band Collar Hooks lies in their simplicity and adaptability. Their utilization of resistance bands, makes them a versatile tool for any workout regimen. Easily attach the hooks to any 2" wide sleeves to expand your exercise options and maximize your training potential. Collar Hooks can accommodate even the widest resistance bands (up to 4-inch width).

Slide the Collar Hooks on any 2" Olympic bar sleeve, then attach bands for a stand-alone resistance band exercise or add weight plates for the ultimate hybrid resistance training experience.

Collar Hook Benefits:

  • Protects your bands and helps to avoid abrasions
  • Easy on and off application allows you to adjust your band tension throughout your workout
  • Can be used with or without weight plates

Getting Started: 

  • If using with a Barbell always place the Collar Hooks on before your weight plates
  • Have your plates sit directly against your Collar Hooks for optimal security*

Pro Tip: Keep the flat side of the plates facing out so the recessed sides of your plates are against the Collar Hooks, making it easier to add, remove, or adjust your resistance bands. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great addition to home gym

These hooks are great, now I can easily combine weights and bands instead of only one or the other.

A bit of playing around to see what setup works with different length bars, but once that was sorted this made the workout so much more fun with the variable resistance added to the weights. Hint, use a shorter bar instead of a full length Olympic bar to make things more simple
for yourself.

Plus, the team at SSF were great in giving guidance as to how to best use these with the bands.

Mark Smith
Love the Resistance Band Collar Hooks

Great Product - Resistance Band Collar Hooks

I was looking around at knockoff good quality product similar to the X 3 bar. Couldn’t afford their steep price. So the inventor tinkerer in me got started. I made a couple prototypes out of water pipes, 2000lb chain and carabines 2.5k lb strength - ok. Not satisfied.

Wanted a wider base for the resistance bands. Found nothing I could use. The search continues!🤔

Until I saw your SeriousFitness new Resistance Band Collar Hooks offered.💡

That’s it. Order a pair. The journey began. Tried Olympic barbells even 4 ft ones too heavy for my purpose. I just wanted a heavy duty resistance band bar.

Then I found out the outside diameter of a 1 1/2” steel water pipe is 1.9inches. Perfect thickness for the Resistance Band Collar Hooks. So I made my own heavy duty steel water pipe resistance band exercise bar.

It works perfect! The SeriousFitness -
Resistance Band Collar Hooks a success.

Important note: This was done at my own risk. SeriousFitness doesn’t take any responsibility for this resistance bar I made for myself.
You may do better by using them with an Olympic Barbell is my recommendation.

Thanks SeriousFitness for making a high quality product!👍🏻 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Equipment that lasts and a wide variety of bands too and other equipment . Fast delivery as well.


Fast delivery and great equipment too.