37" Resistance Bands

#0 Orange $10.90
#1 Purple $11.90
#2 Red $18.90
#3 Blue $21.90
#4 Green $28.90
#5 Gray $36.90
#6 Yellow $49.90
#0-5 Set $119.90

You asked, we listened! Serious Steel 37" bands were developed to keep you under tension throughout your full range of motion.

  • Thickness: 4.5mm
  • Length: 37"
  • Material: 15 Layers of 100% Natural Latex and over 99.9% free of soluble proteins (latex allergens)
  • Resistance: 7-sizes, 2lbs-200lbs of resistance
  • Sold individually
  • Source: Sri Lanka
  • Color(s): Orange (#0), Purple (#1), Red (#2), Blue (#3), Green (#4), Gray (#5), Yellow (#6) 
  • #0 Band: 1/4 in. 2-15 lbs.
  • #1 Band: 1/2 in. 5-35 lbs.
  • #2 Band: 13/16 in. 10-50 lbs.
  • #3 Band: 1 1/8 in. 25-80 lbs.
  • #4 Band: 1 3/4 in. 50-120 lbs.
  • #5 Band: 2 1/2 in. 60-150 lbs.
  • #6 Band: 3 1/4in. 80-200 lbs.
Care Guide
  • Storage: Keep out of direct sunlight, humid environments or excessively hot or cold temperatures.
  • Cleaning: Yes, bands can be hand washed. Hand wash with warm water and a non-abrasive cleaning solution. Hang to dry. (Ex. Dawn dish soap).
  • Caution: Avoid direct contact with knurling, asphalt, concrete, or any abrasive surface. If using your band on any of these or a board system, we recommend a protective barrier like our Band Guard, a towel or old shirt. This helps maximize the durability and life of your band.
  • Life Span: Based on average use -which we assume to be 1-hr of use 3 times per week- bands should last 12-18 months in residential settings and 6-9 months in commercial settings.
  • Normal Wear & Tear: Our bands are one continuous piece of latex made through a proprietary layering process with a total of 15 layers. Over time the bands may begin to peel or show other signs of use. This is normal and does not affect the integrity or application of bands when minor. If peeling gets worse, it may be a sign that your band is aging and may be due for a replacement.

It was in the 1980’s when Coach Dick Hartzell introduced 41” resistance bands into strength training. For nearly 40 years, this was the only size available. That all changed in 2020 when we released 32” resistance bands. The 32” bands were specifically brought in for banded resistance training and for users who needed less slack in their bands. Generally, users under the height of about 5’10”. 

After the release of the 32” bands, we immediately received requests for a band that was in between the 32” and 41” length. Over the past 18 months we have been hard at work testing different lengths, widths and thicknesses. We are happy to report that these bands will be the same thickness and width as our 32" and 41" bands. This consistency will hopefully make for an easy transition from one length band to another. 

What can you expect:

  • 37” in length, 15 Continuous Layers
  • Same thicknesses (4.5mm) as our 41” and 32” bands
  • Same colors as our 41” and 32” bands (Except for #5 which is traditionally black, is now gray)
  • Different logo design and color
  • Same high-quality latex 

      Band Length Recommendations

      Still struggling to determine which band length is right for you?

      Below are three different user heights and their preferred band lengths for a variety of movements.

      User 1: Height 5'2"

      Image: User 1 curling a 32" #1 Band

      • Chest Press: 32”
      • Tricep Press: 32”
      • Overhead Press: 37” or 41”
      • Front Squat: 37”
      • Deadlift: 32”
      • Bicep Curl: 32”
      • Bent Row: 32”
      • Calf Raise: 32”

      User 2: Height 5'9"

      Image: User 2 curling a 37" #3 Band

      • Chest Press: 32”
      • Tricep Press: 32”
      • Overhead Press: 37” or 41”
      • Front Squat: 37”
      • Deadlift: 32”
      • Bicep Curl: 37”
      • Bent Row: 37”
      • Calf Raise: 37”

      User 3: Height 6'

      Image: User 3 curling a 37" #3 Band

      • Chest Press: 32”
      • Tricep Press: 32”
      • Overhead Press: 41”
      • Front Squat: 41"
      • Deadlift: 32”
      • Bicep Curl: 37”
      • Bent Row: 37”
      • Calf Raise: 37”

      Band Length Comparison

      Check out this side by side comparison to get a visual gauge on our band length differences.

      Interested in some of our other band lengths? Check them out here.

      Band Tension Comparison

      • Bands can safely stretch 2.5x their length
      • 32" x 2.5 = 80" safe max stretch
      • 37" x 2.5 = 90" safe max stretch
      • 41" x 2.5 = 100" safe max stretch
      • Shorter bands will give you a higher tension for the same movement. 

      Less Slack = Greater Gains

      We created 37" Bands to provide optimal time under tension throughout your entire range-of-motion. 

      Keeping tension on the bands keeps your muscles engaged, producing better results & greater gains.

      Exercise Anywhere

      Resistance bands are the ultimate travel fitness tool.

      Bands are light and compact allowing you to train anywhere.

      Endless Uses

      From stretching and mobility to bodybuilding or powerlifting, resistance bands can be your primary training source or a great supplement to your regular routine. 

      Do you plan on using your bands with a band board training system? Consider purchasing a Band Guard to protect and prolong the life of your bands.



      Top Quality | Fair Trade | Sustainable

      Our manufacturing facility has been a top producer of natural rubber latex resistance bands since 1947.

      Raw Materials are sourced locally through heavily regulated, sustainable and eco-friendly farming. 

      Sri Lanka is also free from child labor.

      Premium raw materials are the foundation of our bands, but our proprietary manufacturing process is what makes them some of the best bands in the world.


      The seam on our bands is not a mistake or defect. Actually, this is one way you can tell you have a quality band!
      How our bands are made:
      Our bands are made through a continuous layering process with 15 total layers. The 15 layers from one piece of latex gives the band a seam on the inside and outside. Our manufacturing process helps maximize durability, elasticity and tension consistency. 

      The consistent tension curve throughout your ROM is the best way to feel the difference between a high and low quality band. Lower quality bands have a force curve that typically flattens out when stretched beyond 70%.


      Resistance bands are basically big, rubber bands. You have probably noticed that old rubber bands it will start to dry-rot.

      To prevent dry-rot and maintain elasticity, a natural and non-toxic protective coating is added to each band. Natural Rubber Latex needs additional components to maintain material stability and elasticity. Even though it is natural and non-toxic, this could irritate skin if you are allergic to, or have a latex sensitivity.

      Can bands be washed to minimize this?

      Yes. This can be minimized by washing the band with warm soapy water. Air dry or pat dry with a clean towel.

      Our Story

      We are a small team based in Roanoke, Virginia. We began in 2009 with bands, but over the years have added products based on our own training needs.

      We work hard to develop products that serve a real purpose and bring value to your training (regardless of your type or level of fitnesss).

      Thank you for considering Serious Steel and we hope that our products can help you with your training goals.


      Customer Reviews

      Based on 14 reviews
      Tony Callison
      Same quality, new size

      What can I say about Serious Steel bands? They make amazing quality products and have great prices for what you get. I have been using their 41” bands, hip bands and 32” bands for awhile and love them. These new 37” bands are PERFECT for the exercises I do that the 41 is just a bit too long and the 32 is just a bit too short. Couldn’t have asked for more. Thanks guys!

      Anthony Palumbo DCND
      Great product

      Excellent product and customer service

      Jesse Campbell

      I have a grabby bar and these work awesome with it. I'm 5'11 still will use 41's for overhead press and front squats. But everything else is 37.

      Baltazar Cortez
      37 inch bands

      I highly recommend them. I'm 5/7 and a half, and sometimes a 41 inch band is too "loose" with tension. 37 inch works great.

      Jen B
      Not sure about OPI items

      I was excited to get the new 37” bands as I love my 32” bands. However, two of the bands were a bit longer than the others. These were purchased as “OPI” - open package items. SSF customer service fixed the situation though and sent replacements! Looking forward to using my 37” bands!