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Below is a basic breakdown of the Serious Steel bands. Check out our band exercise page for more information on how to use them!

We carry seven sizes, each having a different level of resistance and please do not hesitate to contact us if you are still not sure after viewing the information below.

#0 (TAN) BAND. This band measures 1/4" wide, 4.5 mm thick and 41" in length. It offers resistance from 2-15 lbs. This band provides our lowest level of resistance and is great for light stretching, high-performance speed training and sports specific training. It is also great when combined with our other size bands for that little extra "boost"!

#1 (PURPLE) BAND. This band measures ½" wide, 4.5 mm thick and 41" in length. It offers resistance from 5-35 lbs. This band is a great beginner band for resistance exercises that range from bicep curls, squats or even overhead shoulder press. The #1 is also great if you are looking to do speed work by adding the band to your bench press, deadlift or squats.

#2 (RED) BAND. This band measures 13/16" wide, 4.5 mm thick and 41" in length. It offers resistance from 10-50 lbs. The #2 band offers a moderate level of tension for resistance training. Exercises like bicep curls, triceps extensions, overhead shoulder press or even overhead squats.

#3 (BLUE) BAND. This band measures 1 1/8" wide, 4.5 mm thick and 41" in length. It offers resistance from 25-80 lbs. The #3 band provides a strong amount of tension for the resistance training of small muscle groups (arm curls) and moderate resistance on the larger muscle groups (banded squats). These are great for stretching, speed and agility training or even adding them to your barbell for bench press, squat or deadlifts.

#4 (GREEN) BAND. This band measures 1 3/4" wide, 4.5 mm thick and 41" in length. It offers resistance from 50-120 lbs. The #4 band is our most popular band and is perfect for stretching and heavy resistance training. This band offers a heavy tension and can be used with your barbell for bench press, squats or deadlifts. Make sure to be cautions with your first couple of uses as the kinetic energy created by this band tension can be difficult to control.

#5 (BLACK) BAND. This band measures 2 1/2" wide, 4.5 mm thick and 41" in length. It offers resistance from 60-150 lbs. The #5 band is one of our strongest bands and most commonly used to obtain maximum resistance with squat, deadlifts, leg presses and shrugs.


Seven sizes of bands:

  • #0 (Yellow) Band 2.5 mm. (2-15 lbs. of resistance)
  •  #1 (Purple) Band 1/2"  (5-35 lbs. of resistance),
  • #2 (Red) Band 13/16"  (10-50 lbs. of resistance),
  • #3 (Blue) Band 1.125"  (25-80 lbs. of resistance),
  • #4 (Green) Band 1.75"  (50-120 lbs. of resistance),
  • #5 (Black) Band 2.5"  (60-150 lbs. of resistance),
  • #6 (Orange) Band 4"  (90-250 lbs. of resistance).

Can I combine bands at the same time?

Absolutely! Do you think you need a #4 band, but concerned it may be too much tension? You can purchase multiple smaller bands to equal the tension of heavier bands. Try the #2 & #3 instead of the #5 or try the #3 & #1 instead of the #4 band. Combining multiple sizes gives you more levels of tension because you can use them individually or you can use them at the same time.

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