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Heavy Duty Silver Lock-Jaw Elite Barbell Collars for Crossfit and weightlifting
Lock-Jaw Hex
Lock-Jaw Hex
Lock-Jaw Olympic 2
Lock-Jaw Olympic Barbell Collars
Lock-Jaw Pro 2
Red, Blue and Black Lock Jaw Pro Barbell Collars used in Olympic weight lifting and Crossfit.
OSO Colymer
OSO Colymer
OSO ELITE Barbell Collars
A small but strong Blue OSO Mighty Barbell Collar that is specifically designed for Crossfit style workouts.
OSO barbell collars specifically designed for intense crossfit workouts.
Proloc 1 Collars
Proloc 1 Magnet Collars
Proloc 2 Collars
Proloc Blocker Collar


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