Proper care for your bands results in them having a longer lasting life. Below we outlined some important and useful ways to care for your bands.

WHEN STANDING ON BANDS: Place a towel, Band Guard, or some type of barrier between the band, ground and feet. 

WHEN USING BANDS WITH BARBELL: Place a towel over knurling, or use thick grips to create a barrier between the band and the abrasive knurling. 

WHEN USING BANDS AROUND POST: Use an anchor so that the bands do not come in direct contact with poles or posts. 

WHEN STORING BANDS: Do not store bands in humid environments or excessively hot or cold places. 

PEELING?: Our bands are not the same as others. Our bands are made through a  proprietary layering process that contains 15 layers of high quality latex. Not solid cast rubber, which will snap when over stretched. Because our bands are layered, the bands may begin to peel. This is normal and does not affect the integrity or application of the band (when minor). 

If the peeling gets worse, it may be a sign that your band is aging and it may be due for a replacement .We see this happen most frequently when the band is rubbing against an edge or abrasive surface.

LIFE EXPECTANCY:  we expect bands to last 12-18 months in a residential setting and 6-9 months in a commercial setting.

WARNING: Avoid direct contact with knurling, abrasive surfaces, asphalt and concrete.