Serious Steel, LLC. warrants only to the original customer or user of Serious Steel Fitness products. Serious Steel, LLC. warrants that products will be free of defects in material or workmanship. Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear*. All warranty claims are subject to inspection by Serious Steel, LLC. For products sold by Serious Steel, LLC. that are not manufactured by Serious Steel, LLC., warranties will be observed in accordance solely with the original manufacturer.

Serious Steel, LLC. warranty does not cover: 

  • Damage due to neglect.
  • Damage due to misuse or abuse.
  • Damage due to extended wear and tear*.
  • Products purchased from unauthorized Serious Steel Fitness dealers.
  • Apparel: No warranty on apparel.

Resistance Bands: Residential Use: One (1) year on snapping or breaking. Commercial Use: Six (6) months on snapping or breaking. Our bands are made through a proprietary layering process. Because of the layers, minor peeling may occur, but does not affect the integrity or application of the band. Peeling is a sign of use and age and is considered normal wear and tear.

Note, warranty is void if bands are used on abrasive surfaces, such as concrete, barbell knurling, non-cylindrical items, etc.; Stretched beyond 2x there length; Or use with resistance board systems without proper band protection. Warranty does not cover length variances less than 3.5%.

Neoprene Items: Six (6) months. Warranty does not cover scrapes or scratches from barbell path movements. Warranty is void if the item is washed or dried.

Cotton Cuffs, Wrist Wraps, Hip & Glute Bands: One (1) year from snapping, breaking. Warranty does not cover stretching due to use, or normal wear. Warranty is void if the item is washed or dried.

Cotton and Nylon Lifting Straps: Three (3) years from ripping or breaking.

Cast Iron Weight Plates: Five (5) years from breakage only. Does not cover paint chipping and/or rust. Warranty does not cover weight variances.

Rubber (Bumper) Weight Plates: Five (5) years from breakage, and one (1) year from chipping, fading, or cracking. Rubber weight plates will contain an odor and is not covered under warranty. Warranty does not cover weight variances.

What does “normal wear and tear” mean?

 As stated above, our warranty covers manufacturer defects. “Normal wear and tear” is defined by the damage your item will experience over time based on normal and intended use.  Normal wear and tear is not considered to be a defect. This means, your item will not look new after many months of use. If the product is showing age, we will take that into consideration when assessing the warranty claim. However, if your product shows signs of heavy-use and it is nearing the end of its practical use, it may be time to replace the product. At which time we hope you put trust in us and support us again.