Mini Loops Resistance Bands- 10 Packs- (OPI)

$22.95 $26.90

ALL 10 bands are included - some may just be open.

MINI LOOPS RESISTANCE BANDS - 10 PACK of 12" x 2" Latex Bands 

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Our Story

We are a small team based in Roanoke, Virginia. We began in 2009 with bands, but over the years have added products based on our own training needs.

We work hard to develop products that serve a real purpose and bring value to your training (regardless of your type or level of fitness).

Thank you for considering Serious Steel and we hope that our products can help you with your training goals.


Customer Reviews

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Robbie Hebert
Best Bands

Serious Steel have the best bands on the market!

Wendy Byrne
best small bands yet

Only time will tell how tough these small bands are, but they are off to a good start. They are the perfect size for around the feet or around the knees for basic resistance movements. They appear to be of good quality and come with a simple yet useful carry-bag. For my uses, they are much preferred over tying knots in longer bands. I look forward to putting them to good use.