Steel Grip Hand Gripper-(OPI)

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What are Open Package Items? OPIs are items that are either display model items, items with packaging damaged in transit, and or customer returns outside of original packaging. All items are in like new condition but may not come in original packaging. 

***Please note that due to limited quantities, all items are FINAL SALE***

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Serious Steel Steel Grips are the perfect addition to the gym bag. Weak grip means a weak lift and you're only as strong as your weakest link.

Improve that weak link by using the Steel Grip. We offer the Steel Grip in six (6) different resistance levels. Purchase today and start seeing an overall improvement in your lifts! These are great for stress relief too! Go ahead and buy a few!



The best way to build grip crushing strength is to avoid over training and high repetitions!

Keep your sets below 15 repetitions with your Steel Grip. If you can complete more than 20 repetitions with your Steel Grip, it is time to move up to the next size.

A complete repetition is when you can touch the bottom of the handles together. Grip training is like training any other part of the body. Avoid over training, warm-up and stretch your hands/finger before each grip workout.



Steel Grips are crafted to provide years of strength training, but you should always be cautions of spring failure and injury.

Do not position the spring near your face, body or other people while in use. By purchasing this Steel Grip, all users accept that using the gripper is done so at your own risk and you will only use the product in a safe and proper manner. Use only as directed.



Steel Grips have a One-Year Warranty for the original purchaser if the gripper fails during normal and proper use.

To file a warranty claim, please contact Serious Steel at the address or email below. Include an image of the gripper and proof of purchase. No matter your need or application, Steel Grips help build maximum grip strength in a short amount of time.

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